What is the prospect of bamboo pulp making

The prospect of bamboo pulp and paper making can alleviate the shortage of pulp in China and conform to the general principle of adjusting the raw material structure of paper industry. The National Development and Reform Commission issued in 2004 the Tenth Five-Year Plan and the 2010 Special Plan for the National Forestry and Paper Integration Project, which proposed that the production capacity of pulping should be increased by 5.55 million tons on the basis of the end of 2005. The capacity of bamboo pulp is 1.2 million tons, the capacity of bamboo pulp production is 17.6 million tons with paper making forest base after 2010, and the capacity of bamboo pulp is 3.95 million tons. The development and layout of bamboo pulp is focused on the southeast coastal area and southwest area.
In terms of cost Comparing bamboo pulp with pine and eucalyptus, the unit cost of bamboo pulp is lower than wood pulp. Is there no good for cheap? The existing production practice shows that the performance of bamboo pulp is between coniferous wood and broad-leaved wood, which is obviously superior to that of grass pulp. It can replace broad-leaved wood pulp and reduce the amount of softwood pulp. It can be used to manufacture various kinds of paper, including a variety of high-grade paper products.
Bamboo pulping production technology is mature and reliable, and most equipment can adopt national products, and pollution control technology is mature, "three wastes" can meet the national emission standards. Ecological effect is another advantage in developing bamboo pulp and paper. It is worth mentioning that cloud, expensive In Sichuan, Chongqing, Guangxi, Hunan, Jiangxi and other central and western regions of natural resources, very suitable for pulp and paper bamboo species growth. Bamboo pulp paper also faces some problems in China. The further development of bamboo pulp paper industry in China is faced with resource constraints and environmental pressure.
The main problems are as follows:
Less powerful enterprises of bamboo pulp and paper, low level of overall technical equipment and scale benefit, large gap of high quality raw materials, high import dependence, and so on. The resource consumption is high, the pollution prevention task is arduous, the equipment research and development ability is poor, the advanced equipment depends on the import, the foreign investment structure needs to be optimized, the overall and coordinated development task is urgent.
Bamboo to paper fabric
Bamboo pulp papermaking has a broad prospect from the current actual transportation Bamboo pulp paper has shown good economic and social benefits. For example, Zhongzhu Paper Group Co., Ltd., relying on the mature technology of "bamboo for wood", began to operate the Ya'an bamboo pulp project, which has already achieved initial results. At the "Bamboo Pulp Industry Development and Environmental Protection" seminar, dozens of industry experts, such as the China Society of Environmental Sciences, the China Papermaking Association, the State Environmental Protection Administration, and the Ecological and Environmental Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, recommended that bamboo forest bases should be established.
To explore a suitable base business model; to implement bamboo, pulp, paper integration; call on the state to focus on supporting existing bamboo pulp enterprises through technical transformation and cross-regional restructuring, in 2005 To train one or two large international competitive groups in the modern paper industry. In terms of capital policies, it is suggested that the state give support to key enterprises in the form of long-term interest-free loans, gratuitous subsidies and national debt discount, and give them preferential policies. In order to enterprises in the short-term growth and foreign giants can compete with the paper industry aircraft carrier. Experts at the meeting believed that the use of bamboo pulp paper, can effectively use the rich resources in the central and western regions, with the national policy of returning farmland to forests. The construction of bamboo raw material base not only solves the problem that farmers can "retreat from farming", but also protects the ecological environment and promotes the development of the western region.
Bamboo resources are abundant The process of bamboo, pulp and paper integration in the central and western regions of China made it the leading leader of local agricultural industrialization, and they found a way to increase income and become rich. For example, cultivation of green hybrid bamboo in Guangxi: the investment of fertilizer application in the first three years of each mu is about 450 yuan, the third year can be harvested, and the cutting can be continued for 20 or 30 years. According to the average fresh bamboo production of 3 to 5 tons per mu, the current purchase price per ton of bamboo is 300 yuan. After one afforestation, it is not necessary to replant, only reasonable fertilization management and protection are required to increase the annual income for farmers and local finance by 600 to 1000 yuan per mu. Medium and long-term economic, social and ecological benefits are even more evident. At the same time, it can also improve and Protecting the ecological environment in the upper and middle reaches of the Yangtze River is of great practical significance to the conservation of soil and water, the conservation of water resources and the protection of forest resources. Some people predict that after joining WTO, bamboo pulp technology will be our paper industry and foreign struggle. It is predicted that the demand for wood pulp in China's paper industry will reach 9.25 million tons in 2005 and 17.8 million tons in 2015. If we rely on the development of wood pulp completely, it is bound to be limited by the long rotation period of wood and the limited supply of wood raw materials in the short term. According to expert analysis, bamboo-wood development is planned to develop 3 million tons of bamboo pulp by 2005 and 8 million tons by 2015. Only with bamboo pulp, can the raw material structure of paper industry be adjusted reasonably. There is no doubt that bamboo pulp papermaking with technical and market advantages is a huge gold mine waiting to be excavated!

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