Pulp Screening

Pulp screening generally has two roles:
1. Removing the water from the pulp by removing the impurity.
2. which is as heavy as the fiber, and adjusting the concentration to meet the concentration needed for bleaching.

Removal of larger debris is called rough selection, removal of fiber bundles that are close to the weight of a single fiber, and removal of larger fibers with larger sizes is called cleaning.

Principle and function 

The pulping material from the pulping box enters the sieve frame evenly. Because of the vibration of the sieve plate, the No. 10 fiber goes smoothly through the sieve hole, and the fiber bundle and impurity in the pulp are gradually moving forward. Until the end of the sieve plate, fall into the thick slot.

During this process, the main equipment contains inner-flow pressure screen etc. 

inner-flow pressure screen

inner-flow pressure screen

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