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China National Building Material International Equipment Co., Ltd. (CNBM), one of the member of the world’s top 500 companies, was built in 1968, is the parent company of Anyang Machinery Co. Ltd. which is the largest paper pulping machines supplier since 1968 and covers more than 150,000 m2 and has six production workshops to produce professional paper pulping machines, such as a complete set of pulp production line, batch cooking equipment, pulp digester, blow tank, twin roll press, vacuum drum washer, and etc. We have our own R&D center and supply one-step service. So far, our products have won reputation from customers all over the world!

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Leading paper pulping machinery supplier of making paper pulping machines since 1968!

Our Clients
Practice of energy saving and consumption reduction for large cardboard paper machine

This text mainly discusses the energy saving measures in the press section, the drying section and the clean water system and the good economic benefits after implementation....

Osmotic softener is applied to chemical mechanical pulp

chemical mechanical pulp chemical treatment uses a low concentration of liquid, and the amount is controlled to dissolve only certain extracts and short-chai hemicellulose....

Prehydrolysis sulfate dissolving slurry cooking equipment

The project introduces metso's dissolving pulp production technology, and the daily production of coniferous wood pulp is 350t. The prehydrolysis sulfate method is used for cooking operation, and the cooking capacity is 375adt/d....

Paper Pulp Applications

Many kinds of raw materials are avaliable for paper pulping, we can according to customers' raw materials to custom projects for papermaking. Welcome to be present our factory.


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