Multi-disc vacuum filter for white water recovery system

The device structure description

The multi-disc is mainly composed of a tank body, a main shaft, an upper cover, a filter disc, a distribution valve, a stripping device, a flushing device, a washing device, a transmission device, a slurry discharging device and the like.

Tank and upper cover

The tank body is welded by steel plates, most of which are made of stainless steel, and only a small part of the material that is not in contact with the medium is carbon steel. The upper cover is made of stainless steel, depending on user requirements.

The tank body is composed of left and right wall panels, tank bottom plates, receiving hoppers, running plates, spindle seals and the like, and the tank body is provided with a slurry inlet, a sewage outlet and a liquid level transmitter interface, etc.

The upper cover is composed of left and right wall panels, intermediate beams and cover plates. The stripping device and the flushing device are supported on the left and right wall panels and the middle beam of the upper cover. There are six windows on the cover plate to open the upper activity. The cover plate can be used to observe the operation of each part.

Multi disc vacuum filter

Filter disc and main drive

ZNH25 consists of n filter plates, each consisting of 12 stainless steel fan-shaped plates. The fan-shaped plates are covered with a filter. The sector plates are fixed on the main shaft by bolts. The hollow main shaft is divided into 12 channels, respectively. A fan-shaped plate is connected, and the main shaft and the base of the base are sealed by a rubber pad. One end of the main shaft is supported by the rolling bearing on the brackets at both ends of the trough body, and the other end is supported by the roller, which greatly improves the transmission efficiency. One end is connected to the distribution valve and the other end is connected to the main transmission.

The main transmission is a suspended gear reducer with high transmission efficiency. It is driven by variable frequency speed control asynchronous motor, which enables the spindle to realize stepless adjustment of its speed between 0.15~1.5r/min.

Distribution valve

The distribution valve housing is made of stainless steel welded. It is connected to the hollow shaft through two distribution pieces, so as to realize the direction of the ultra-clear filtrate, clear filtrate and turbid filtrate in different sections of the filter disc, and the distribution pressure between the distribution sheets is adjusted by the spring. The three outlets of the distribution valve are respectively flexibly connected with the water leg through the rubber tube, and can adjust the flow ratio of the turbid filtrate and the clear filtrate through the regulating valve. The two distribution sheets are made of oily nylon and metal, ensuring a reliable seal and a long service life.

Flushing pipe

The flushing water is flushed to the hopper to achieve flushing and dilution of the slurry.

Washing net water spray device

The water column is sprayed from a nozzle mounted on the swingable spray pipe to rinse the filter screen, and the filter screen is rinsed to restore the filtration capacity. The swinging device is completed by a four-bar mechanism. The connection between the water spray main pipe and the clear filtrate is a rubber hose connection, and the water pressure and flow rate can be adjusted through the valve.

Discharge device 

The discharge method adopts the cone discharge.

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