Compare of wood pulp paper and bamboo pulp paper

Habit is such a terrible thing that you can't easily change it. From the age of scarcity to today, we all know that the water we drank before was unhealthy, that the air we breathed was extremely harmful, that pesticides and vegetables became trepidation, and that the fragrant "seasoning" gutter oil became the devil. Decoration formaldehyde lingering, more and more of those who did not care about things, began to update, into a new era of time!

Wood pulp paper abdicated, bamboo pulp paper on the throne. This must be the direction of healthy living in the future. Many friends do not understand why simple toilet paper, in order to get involved in health problems? Here you can identify the difference between wood pulp paper and bamboo pulp paper.

Raw materials are healthier

Wood pulp paper generally refers to the paper made of high quality wood as raw material, which is made by beating pulp, cooking and other processes, with fine paper, soft, smooth surface and good toughness. The paper towels made of inferior base paper are rough, loose, porous, and poor expansion intensity, resulting in paper scraps and paper hair left at the wiping place, affecting the use of paper. In addition, the color of tissue made of inferior base paper is not white enough, which often results in excessive use of fluorescent brightener. 

wood pulp paper

Bamboo pulp paper is produced by using bamboo pulp alone or with wood pulp and straw pulp with reasonable proportion through pulping and rinsing and other paper-making processes. The performance of bamboo pulp is between coniferous wood and broadleaved wood, which is obviously superior to that of grass. Pulp, can replace broad-leaved wood pulp and reduce the amount of coniferous wood pulp, used to make a variety of paper, including a variety of high-grade paper products.

High Social value 

Trees have long growth cycles, cutting down and replanting are non-renewable, cutting 8,000,000 trees a day, equivalent to 80 square kilometers of forest area. Shorter growth cycle for bamboo, so that the green life coverage of a broader, from a small point to achieve self-health, from a large point to achieve a healthy family!

Take care of human health

No doubt, female friends use paper towels the most frequently, while wood pulp paper has more chemical processing elements, so it is difficult to avoid bacterial virus contamination. A woman's contact with her mouth is slight and can be rudely ignored, but contact with a private place when entering the toilet is a serious problem that can never be avoided. Women are more likely than men to have genital disease, and many women have done their best to protect their health and cleanliness, but why be bothered by it? Tissue is a very easy to ignore the key. Bamboo pulp paper is a more healthy and environmentally friendly product than wood pulp paper. Bamboo is a natural beneficial material with antibacterial and bacteriostasis, which is very suitable for female use, especially for pregnant women, female physiological period and infants. While protecting oneself, children can also grow healthily.

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