ZNP series gravity disc concentrator

ZNP series gravity disc concentrators are mainly used for low concentration slurry concentration. This machine is different from the traditional vacuum disc filter, and it does not need to be installed on the upper floor to install the water leg tube, which can replace the traditional gravity type round net concentrator.

Applicable occasions and advantages:

For mechanical wood pulp, waste paper pulp, mash pulp, bamboo pulp, mash slurry, straw pulp, etc. with low freeness (higher beating degree), short fiber or high pulp concentration, gravity disc can be selected at low concentration. Concentrate to thicken. High degree of automation, easy operation, reliable operation, large production capacity, low power consumption and convenient management. The fan-shaped plate is welded by stainless steel, which is convenient to assemble and disassemble, and can filter fine fibers, chemical solutes and fillers in the slurry.

According to the position set by the transmission parts, there are two kinds of arrangement. The person stands at the pulping end and looks at the rotating drum. The right side of the transmission is the right mobile phone, which is represented by the letter “Y”. The left side of the transmission is the left mobile phone, with the letter “ Z" means. Tank body: It is mainly welded by steel plate. It consists of left and right wall panels, feed box, intermediate tank, discharge box, bearing support, and slurry concentration adjustment raft. Its function is to support and hold materials. The tank body adopts a downstream structure, and the pulp is continuously concentrated after entering the intermediate tank from the feed tank, and is discharged from the slurry tank through the overflow plate after overflowing, and the pulp can be adjusted and adjusted by increasing or decreasing the slurry concentration. concentration.

ZNP series gravity disc concentrator

The filter disc is assembled by n stainless steel fan-shaped filter plates, covered with stainless steel strainer, filter mesh 40~60 mesh, fan-shaped filter plate is installed on the outer diameter of the spindle, and is connected with the main shaft by bolts. The structure is firm and assembled. Convenience. The main shaft is a hollow shaft structure, a fan-shaped filter plate is installed at the outer diameter, and both ends are supported by rolling bearings. The hollow inner cavity of the main shaft is respectively connected with the filtrate passage in the fan-shaped filter plate, and the filtrate in the slurry passes through the filter and the filtrate of the fan-shaped filter plate. After the passage, the hollow cavity in the main shaft is inserted, and then continuously discharged through the hollow inner cavity.

Parameter of ZNP series gravity disc concentrator

Filter disc diameter 2600 mm 3500 mm
Filter area 7.5 m2/disk 15m2/disk
Production capacity 0.8~2.5 t/m2×d
Slurry concentration 0.8~1.5 %
Pulping concentration 3~4 %
Washing water pressure 0.6~0.7 MPa
Filter disc speed ~4 r/min
Motor Power
5.5;7.5;11;15;18.5;22 KW(According to equipment specifications)

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