ZNH series dis vacuum filter

ZNH series disc vacuum filter applications and advantages:

Main applications: White water recovery during paper machine papermaking. b. Concentrate the slurry during the pulping process.

ZNH series disc vacuum filter advantages:

  • The use of this machine can achieve good economic benefits and good social benefits.
  • For white water recovery, not only can the fiber be recovered from white water, but also the water can be used in a closed loop, thereby reducing the water consumption of papermaking, eliminating the pollution of white water discharge and saving water resources.
  • Used for slurry concentration, clear filtrate recycling, reducing the amount of water.
  • Compact structure, small footprint and large production capacity.
  • High degree of automation, easy and reliable operation.
  • The filtrate has high clarity and can be recycled to save water resources.
  • Low energy consumption and high fiber recovery.
ZNH vacuum disc filter

ZNH series multi-disc vacuum filter - safety general 

All electrical equipment shall be protected against electric shock. The motor shall be equipped with short-circuit protection and ground fault protection, and shall be equipped with overload protection, phase failure protection and low voltage protection as required; the equipment shall not be overloaded; The equipment must be operated or stopped according to the operating procedures (see the instruction manual for details). ZNH series vacuum filter is a continuous rotary filter device. It is forbidden to operate without protective device such as drive belt, rotating shaft and motor. ZNH series vacuum filter is a closed operation device. It does not require manual intervention during normal operation, but it is necessary to ensure that all the doors are closed when the equipment is running. No one should be inside the tank during operation, there should be a high temperature burn warning sign; When the equipment is being maintained, the power must be cut off and the equipment cleaned up. There should be a maintenance sign or a guardian. Protective equipment: helmet (to prevent falling off), protective gloves, protective shoes, goggles, protective clothing, etc.

ZNH series multi-disc vacuum filter

As early as in the 1970s, foreign countries used a large amount of fiber and filler and slurry concentration in the white water of the paper machine to recover the paper machine, and quickly obtained universal application. It has achieved great development so far. It can be said that it is one. A very mature white water treatment and slurry concentration technology. Some paper mills in China have also introduced the technique and achieved good results.

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