Paper thickener-a good prescription for the paper industry

In our lives, paper plays an important role. How to choose a piece of paper? Everyone must have a certain understanding of the paper industry. Next, we will briefly introduce the additive paper thickener in the paper coating process.

The paper thickener can control and adjust the flow deformation, dispersibility and stability of the paint, and is abundant in the coating operation of the paper industry. Thickeners with different chemical structures have certain effects on the surface properties, colloidal properties and flow properties of the coating. Therefore, the use of the material and its own molecular structure are inseparable.

feature of CMC and HEUR

Let us analyze the relationship between the hydrophilicity and the adhesion of the thickener and the shear rate. As shown in Figure 1, paper thickeners can be divided into CMC (hydroxymethyl cellulose) and HEUR, in which CMC - COONa and - OH are hydrophilic groups, ATs - HEUR hydrophobic groups, so HEUR hydrophilic Not as good as CMC. In addition, the fluidity of the coating is a result of the interaction of the pigment, emulsion and thickener, so the viscosity of the coating thickened with CMC and HEUR decreases as the shear rate increases. The paper thickener product has effective improvement of high shear viscosity, splash resistance, water resistance and water separation resistance; no foaming, unstable foaming, compatibility; performance comparable to imported products, the price is more obvious Features such as wide application, in addition to the paper industry, paper thickeners can also be used in carbon black, urban sewage treatment, food processing industry, petrochemical industry, metallurgical industry, mineral processing industry, dyeing industry and sugar industry.

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