Wet pulp board system hot potions in the market

Due to the shortage of raw materials and the emergence of new environmental protection conditions, the market for commercial pulp is currently hot. The wet pulp board system has become very popular on the market. Here is a brief introduction to the main technical characteristics, structural characteristics and actual operation of the first modern wet pulp board system in China.

Main technical characteristics

The pulp is bleached and screened with sulfated bamboo pulp or bleached and screened with 70% bush and 30% mixed wood kraft pulp. The beating degree is not more than 20°SR, the slurry temperature is greater than 35°C, and the slurry concentration is 3.5%. - 5%, pulp dryness 48% - 50%.

The main structural features

The wet pulp board system consists of five parts: a high-concentration slurry flow sending system, a double-wire forming dewatering machine, a two-way gravity press, and a pulp-slurry cutting and stacking machine. The high-concentration slurry flow system consists of a 3.5%-5% slurry storage dispersion tank, a slurry transfer pump, a slurry concentration regulator, a flow pressure regulating device, and a slurry full banner distribution device. The system ensures complete and complete dispersion of the slurry of the upper double-wire forming dewatering machine during the operation of the wet pulp board system, and the slurry concentration and the flow-feeding pressure are ensured to be stable and consistent. Dewatering the pulp plate evenly and quantitatively is conducive to the stable operation of the entire system.

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After the double-wire forming dewatering machine has been formed, the wet strength of the wet-slurry board is greatly improved, and then the gravity press of the continuous two-line pressure is gradually increased. After these two gravity presses, the dryness of the wet pulp board is increased to about 50%.

The wet pulp board from the gravity press enters the paper feeding device, the carrier roller, the traction device, the bottom knife, the roller knife, the paper pressing device, the paper suction cylinder, the purging device, the paper tray, the paper feeding device, the knife roller Wet pulp board slitting stacker consisting of frame and frame. After the removed paper basket is sent to the baler for packaging, the wet pulp bag is sent to the warehouse for storage and sale by a conveyor or a forklift.

From the operation of the wet pulp board system, although the quantitative requirements of the final product wet pulp board are not important, the slurry of the flow delivery system is fully dispersed, and the stability of the on-line slurry concentration and pressure is critical to the effective operation of the system. important. The concentration of the slurry to be fed to the wet pulp plate system should not be less than 3%, and the wet pulp plate concentration of the twin wire forming dewatering machine should be strictly controlled.

The wet pulp board system adopts the latest control and transmission technology, with high automation, stable operation and convenient operation. All technical performance indicators have reached and exceeded the design technical performance indicators, reaching the advanced technical performance of similar products in the world.

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