How to solve the problem of continuous tubular digester line?

Sometimes, after the continuous cooking project is put into operation for a period of time, the production capacity will not meet the design requirements, the equipment will be faulty, there will be sudden problems, the operating rate is low, the quality of the crude pulp is unstable, the slurry is difficult to wash, and the amount of slag is large. The yield is low. In order to improve production capacity and improve quality, the following comprehensive analysis is carried out on the places where problems are likely to occur in the production process, and the problem of segmentation is solved one by one to achieve optimal configuration of the entire system.

Dry preparation

The double-roller dust collector is difficult to replace the sieve plate and has a long replacement cycle. If the sieve plate is not replaced in time, the dust removal effect will be poor or the amount of grass lost in the dust removal grass will be large.

Improvement measures: In order to replace the sieve plate in time when the grass changes, and reduce the downtime, the fixing method of the sieve plate of the double roller duster is changed from the original bolt fixing to the drawer type. This program not only reduces labor intensity, but also improves labor efficiency. It is timely to change the screen hole of the dust collector with the change of the grass, which not only ensures the dust removal efficiency, but also reduces the loss of forage.

In the actual production, there are many sliding parts of the rotating parts of the silo, and the equipment is prone to failure due to poor operating environment.

Improvement measures: In order to avoid the shutdown of the entire production line due to the failure of the silo, a belt conveyor is added in the upper part of the silo to directly connect the feed inlet of the silo to the discharge port. When the silo is faulty and needs to be shut down for maintenance, switch to the top conveyor in time to ensure continuous operation of continuous steaming.

paper digester pulping


When the feeding device feeds, abnormal phenomena such as back-spraying and slipping often occur, which affects the smooth operation of the equipment and affects the operation safety.

Improvement measures: Analysis and determination of factors limiting production: poor blade dewatering; excessive wear of the screw shaft and anti-slip strip; loose belt of the feeder; low mowing rate. In order to solve the problem: in order to reduce the moisture of the feed blade, a leaking sieve plate is added at the bottom of the pre-steam screw conveyor. When the strength is allowed, the opening is as large as possible; the production experience is summarized, and the spiral is periodically replaced. The shaft and anti-slip strip must always ensure that the feeder is in an efficient and stable state; the feeder belt should be inspected each time the machine stops; the feed rate is checked and the turf preparation is notified immediately after the grass paper pass rate is found to decrease. 

Replace the cutting blade

When the feed amount of the feeder is large, the cooking quality is unstable, the raw material is large, and the yield is low; sometimes the partial filling coefficient in the cooking tube is too large, the airflow is not smooth, the pressure difference is large, or the pushing torque is large, resulting in the cooking tube become the axis.

Improvement measures: In order to save investment when building a new project, three tubes are used for the cooking tube. At present, when the feed amount of the feeder becomes large, the phenomenon of undue unevenness occurs, and the raw material is large, the slag is discharged in the washing section, and the pulp yield decreases. In order to improve the cooking efficiency, a new cooking tube was added, which was changed from the original three tubes to four tubes. After the transformation, the large-liquid ratio cooking is used to increase the rotation speed of the cooking tube to ensure the smooth flow of the airflow, and the occurrence of the axis phenomenon that occurs when the filling factor is too large is eliminated. After operation, the alkali consumption of cooking decreased by 10%, the quality of the cooking pulp was also improved, the crude slag rate dropped below 3.5%, and the pulp yield was significantly improved.

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